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  • DIA
  • CENSUS 2010
  • TSA

Air Force Civilian Service

MarCom Group is currently engaged in a multi-year contract through the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) to supply custom human resources solutions to enable the U.S. Air Force to attract, retain, and manage a top-quality civilian workforce to meet the Air Force’s critical mission requirements. The work provided throughout this engagement clearly demonstrates MarCom Group’s full array of services, skills, and expertise—from marketing solutions grounded in the discipline of qualitative and quantitative research to communications breakthroughs that redefine the face and voice of the client’s brand to innovative, state-of-the-art creative executions for print, online, mobile, and event marketing.

Read the full Case Study here.

Defense Contract Management Agency

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) was faced with a dramatic recruiting challenge: because of admirable loyalty and long-term commitment to the Agency by its current workforce, a large percentage of that workforce was nearing retirement. New blood was needed fast.

Further complicating the challenge was a perception that the Agency's work was uninspiring at best and downright boring at worst.

MarCom Group Solution:
In order to attract a target recruiting pool of 22 to 30 year olds and to dispel the misconception about boring Agency work, MarCom Group proposed a strategy based in high tech/high touch points of contact between recruits and DCMA.

An advanced web design and unconventional functionality were used to develop and build a .com career portal. Unconstrained by many of the rules and regulations of traditional .gov and .mil, the site is animated by multi-layered features, design elements, unexpected demonstrations, interactive games, video, and useful information that invites visitors to linger longer and learn why DCMA offers great careers to smart and motivated young adults.

The same multi-layer high touch strategy was used to develop additional recruiting support materials, especially an intricate die-cut brochure and customized tin box presentation container for brochure and CD.

Career portal and support material are working in tandem to keep the DCMA recruiting pipeline filled with outstanding applicants.

Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) wanted to produce a coffee-table style book to highlight the significant discoveries of their 17 national research laboratories. DOE wanted to illustrate how these scientific achievements have had real consequences on American life and offer insight into exciting new developments. After publication, they wanted to promote the book to the business and research community as well as to DOE counterparts in other countries.

While DOE had a list of discoveries to guide the development of the book, they had no existing written content. Their deadline for delivery to the printer of the completed book was six weeks away.

MarCom Group Solution:
In order to meet the "impossible" delivery deadline, MarCom Group assembled an experienced team of editors, writers, designers, photographers, illustrators, graphic artists, and support staff to design and produce a glossy, artistic, oversize book: A Decade of Discovery.

An editorial staff of 12 researched and wrote 37 stories about the DOE national research laboratories' discoveries. In addition, 14 design and production staff, working with illustrators and photographers, created unique layouts for each of the 37 stories and prepared the 150+ page book for the printer.

Working with public relations partner Creative Response Concepts (CRC), MarCom Group designed and produced promotional materials to introduce the book at planned media events, press conferences, and satellite video feeds around the country and in the United Kingdom. Additionally, a website was designed and built where the book could be reviewed and ordered online.

A Decade of Discovery was delivered on time and below budget. It generated an enthusiastic response from all constituents: Secretary Bodman and staff of DOE, laboratory scientists and support personnel, business and industry leaders, educators, the general public, and participating media. A second printing tripled the number of planned books to 15,000.

Defense Intelligence Agency

The Defense Intelligence Agency has an ongoing need to recruit qualified candidates for hard-to-fill Intelligence positions, many of them requiring native-level fluency in foreign languages and cultures. The recently reorganized DIA Equal Opportunity Office (DIA EO) also needed corporate communication materials to inform employees throughout DIA about the Office's new approach and services.

MarCom Group Solution:
Building on the agency's existing brand and approved messaging, MarCom Group used banner ads on general and specialized Internet job boards to advertise DIA positions to former military personnel and ethnic groups dispersed across the U.S. We also used selective local newspaper ads and radio spots to publicize DIA hiring events and produced an interactive DVD presentation promoting careers with DIA and exploring 12 distinct occupational areas.

For DIA EO, we created a new logo and graphic identity presented across a variety of posters, displays, literature, and specialty items. The new look was even extended to canvas wall art on display at DIA.

The hiring events MarCom Group has publicized for DIA have produced record numbers of attendees who participated in on-the-spot interviews, many of whom received conditional offers of employment at the events. MarCom Group's media team has consistently delivered an average 19% savings off standard rates for DIA's advertising media buys.

Our team's efforts and DIA's satisfaction has led to a series of option-year renewals of our initial contract, and DIA continues to rely on MarCom Group for marketing and recruitment support to this day.

Census 2010

Every 10 years, the Federal Government conducts a census, as required by the Constitution. For Census 2010, the work took place in two waves: Address Canvassing in the spring of 2009, which involved checking and updating address lists, and Non-Response Follow-Up in spring of 2010 when census takers visited homes that did not submit a census form by mail. In total, the U.S. Census Bureau had the need to hire over 1.8 million people to do this work. Recruitment in support of Address Canvassing was underway since fall 2008, and recruitment for Non-Response Follow-Up began in fall of 2009.

MarCom Group Solution:
To develop the branding and advertising campaign for Address Canvassing recruitment, MarCom Group's first step was to learn what aspects of the job would motivate the most people to apply. Research among current and past Census Bureau employees revealed that everyone had their own reason. The great pay, flexible work hours, working near home, and serving one's community rose to the top as the main motivators, but no single reason stood out. Knowing that paid media exposure would be limited, MarCom Group's team came up with a creative approach that let the viewer see multiple reasons to apply and positively react to the one that motivated them personally. A variety of advertising vehicles were utilized in the effort to drive potential applicants to the new Census recruitment website (www.2010censusjobs.gov), also created by MarCom Group as part of this campaign.

MarCom Group’s efforts resulted in the successful recruitment of over 3 million applicants, more than enough to meet both the initial projected hiring need and the subsequent expansion of that need.

Transportation Security Administration

In the switchover from private to government airport security screeners after September 11, 2001, the newly formed Homeland Security Department's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) faced the challenging need to recruit several hundred thousand qualified applicants to fill 45,000 Airport Security Screener positions at more than 450 airports throughout the United States. The quality of Airport Security Screeners is one of the most critical factors contributing to the comfort and safety of air travelers in America.

TSA's existing advertising was not producing the numbers of qualified applicants needed. Ads were untargeted, designs were cluttered and difficult to read, and salary and wage descriptions were confusing.

Adding to the challenge were stringent qualification requirements, the need for employee diversity including women to screen female passengers, and the highly competitive market for part-time employees.

MarCom Group Solution:
MarCom Group conducted in-depth demographic and media research, and recommended targeted strategies for each airport market niche. We created a clean, eye-catching graphic identity for the campaign and incorporated it into a complete employer branding package. The package included job fair booths, a video, posters and fliers, outdoor advertising, and a variety of newspaper ad layouts and radio commercials. We identified minority and female recruiting needs, created ad templates, and then tailored each ad for the audiences targeted for each airport. We negotiated rates, made all the media buys, and placed newspaper, radio, and Internet advertising from Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Maine.

MarCom Group strategized, designed, and implemented the highest-volume single-employer ad campaign of the decade. We delivered ads accurately and on time to newspaper, magazine, and radio stations in targeted markets across the country. The ads attracted well over 100,000 applicants in less than 5 months, and enabled TSA to fill its job fairs with qualified applicants and meet its hiring goals. And, our negotiated advertising placements resulted in savings of over $500,000, almost 25% below the $2 million published rate card cost!

Department of State

35 Years of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Response

In anticipation of the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) in Durban, South Africa, the U.S. Department of State sought a way to demonstrate 35 Years of HIV/AIDS Response and the important contribution made by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

MarCom Group provided U.S. Department of State strategic leadership and support by designing an impressive and multi-functional event pavilion for the AIDS 2016 event.

This pavilion was conceived and built to serve a number of important functions:

  • Provide a central meeting place and focal point for 20,000 event participants.
    This was achieved with the design and construction of a dramatic circular Pavilion on a 100-square meter footprint. Exterior spaces were used to display prominent and important individuals whose contributions and leadership helped guide the global response. The interior featured video walls, live access to a PEPFAR website, and other interactive features. Under MarCom Group's direction the entire Pavilion was built in Durban with interactive and video equipment sourced both in South Africa and the United States.

  • Illustrate 35 years of HIV/AIDS history and the global response to the epidemic.
    A wall made up of 11 massive touchscreen video monitors, over 10 meters in length, provided an impressive visual display of the 35 year history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the international response.

  • Demonstrate the vital contribution PEPFAR has made to fighting the disease.
    Featured in the touchscreen displays and on giant video monitors, the PEPFAR mission and achievements were highlighted, as well as the encouraging progress made in research, education, and international cooperation.

  • Engage participants through social media that could be leveraged to an international audience.
    Visitors were invited to create "selfies" in a specially conceived photo booth. Photos were immediately posted to a large monitor for all to see. Using a hashtag, individuals sent their photos and supporting messages around the world. Photos were also posted to a Facebook Live event seen on overhead monitors at the event and around the world.

The U.S. Department of State leadership and especially those from the PEPFAR office were extremely satisfied with the results and pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response at AIDS 2016 and from around the world.

Given the impossibly short turn-around time—60 days—from project award to completed pavilion, MarCom Group is proud of the final result.

Since AIDS 2016, the Pavilion has been used in Washington, DC to inform congressional and administration leadership.

Recruiter Training

Federal agencies are using a variety of staff to accomplish recruitment visits, attend hiring events, and establish relationships with potential applicants for employment within their agency. These staff include HR Specialists, SMEs, various EO and other program managers, and hiring officials, all of whom bring a different knowledge and recruitment perspective to their assignment as part-time recruiters. New hiring reform regulations, changes to Federal hiring flexibilities, and varying use of hiring incentives contribute to divergent and sometime contradictory information being provided by recruiters to candidates. In addition, attracting talent from among several generations is an imposing challenge faced by these same recruiters as they seek to establish recruitment relationships with the best talent available.  Knowing the attitudes, ambitions, and behaviors of the various generations seeking employment is a challenge in and of itself and a key to recruitment success.

MarCom Group Solution:
Working with each of the listed agencies, MarCom Group's Federal HR team discussed the unique critical occupational needs and diversity goals that needed to be met for each agency's recruitment program to be deemed successful.  Using this information coupled with succession planning data, MarCom Group developed agency-specific Recruiters' Training Programs.  Each program was tailored to an agency's individual recruitment challenges and designed to include an HR rules and regulations section, a generational differences segment, several communications exercises, web technologies, electronic recruitment tools, and a social networking component.  Mixing instruction with individual role play and group exercises, MarCom Group has helped agencies build recruiters' cadres equipped to compete for the best talent.

Recruiters understand how to build relationships with multiple targeted segments and are successfully attracting talent from local, regional, and nationwide venues.

MarCom Group has successfully completed branding, advertising, and workforce recruitment assignments for over 60 Federal Agencies. This area of special expertise puts us on the front lines, keeping vital seats filled, and Government working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

MarCom Group has established several Government Contracting Vehicles for clients in the public sector. MarCom Group is a woman-owned small business, and has many 8-A and woman-owned service disabled veteran business partners. Contact us to learn how you can make a recruitment splash.

Meatball Chart

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Subject Matter Expertise


Senior Federal HR SME

Ms. Petersen is a retired Federal Senior Executive with more than 36 years of human resource management experience at the regional and headquarters levels. She has exceptional leadership abilities and extensive experience in planning, directing, organizing, oversight, management, and administration of HR programs with an emphasis in workforce and succession planning, candidate assessment, recruitment and selection, training and organizational development, organizational design, and organizational restructuring. Among the many key executive and managerial positions she held, Ms. Petersen was responsible for OPM's field human capital assistance delivery structure. She also directed human capital operations and staffing and services for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Federal HR SME

Mr. Stix is a human resources and training expert with more than 30 years of Federal management, training, recruiting, and human resources solutions experience, most of it with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. At OPM he served as the Deputy Director of the Chicago Region, Director of the Philadelphia and St. Louis Service Centers, and Program Manager of the Presidential Management Intern Program. He also served as Acting Director of the USA Staffing® Automated Examining Program and the Washington Services Branch. At MarCom Group, he is responsible for providing effective and qualified program/project leadership for human resources, training, recruiting, and marketing solutions.

Government Contracting Vehicle

GSA Contract Vehicles

MarCom Group holds a contracting vehicle with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), making it possible for Federal agencies to purchase Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services at published rates through our 00CORP Professional Service Schedule (PSS).


GSA Contractor Information for MarCom Group

MarCom Group's GSA Schedule Brochure (pdf)

Contract #GS23F-0238M
Under this contract, MarCom Group is accessible to government agencies for the following services:
SIN # 541-1 Advertising Services
SIN # 541-2 Public Relations Services 
SIN # 541-3  Web-based Marketing Services
SIN # 541-4A Market Research and Analysis
SIN # 541-4B Video / Film Production
SIN # 541-4D ​Conference Events and Tradeshow Planning Services
SIN # 541-4F Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services
SIN # 541-5  Integrated Marketing Services
SIN # 541-1000           Other Direct Costs

Table of awarded Disaster and Recovery (RC) SINs

SIN # 541-1RC Advertising Services
SIN # 541-2RC  Public Relations Services
SIN # 541-3RC Web-based Marketing Services
SIN # 541-4ARC Market Research and Analysis
SIN # 541-4BRC Video / Film Production
SIN # 541-4DRC Conference Events and Tradeshow Planning Services
SIN # 541-4FRC Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services
SIN # 541-5RC Integrated Marketing Services
SIN # 541-1000RC Other Direct Costs










Workforce Development

To compete in today's global economy, organizations must maximize the performance and productivity of their people, processes, and technology.

The MarCom Group Workforce Development Division is a resource to business and Government, providing a dedicated team of experienced business and technical professionals, software applications and tools, and training services to meet your specific needs.

At MarCom Group, our staff provides real business solutions that will enhance your performance through the use of technology and the intellectual power of the people in your organization. Our approach, solutions, and methodologies are based on proven industry "best practices." Our experienced and multidisciplinary team will build upon your current infrastructure to provide an effective and sustainable solution tailored to your organization.

To support the ever-growing needs of today's organization, we have also gathered the best of the best from industry and private practice. Our team of partners, subcontractors, and freelance consultants enhances our service base, geographical reach, and resource availability when needed and where needed anywhere on the planet.

Human Capital Management

Identifying, recruiting, nurturing, maintaining, and retaining the intellectual capital of an organization are critical to that organization's success. MarCom Group provides analysis and multi-level solutions that can be delivered through a variety of methods based on the following strategic planning process:

Research – Our team constantly monitors and, in many cases, establishes state-of-the art human capital management and improvements. Any new engagement begins with a period of intense discovery to uncover the issues, their root causes, and initial solution possibilities.

  • Primary Research – As appropriate, our Research Department organizes and executes primary research studies – focus groups, interviews, surveys – with organizational management, staff, and, occasionally, customers.
  • Secondary Research – Beyond our ongoing review of industry news and trends, we also explore our clients' existing data and resources.

Strategic Planning – Aided by the findings of research, our team of experienced human capital strategists, along with appropriate Subject Matter Experts, develops a comprehensive plan for addressing your organization's unique needs. Subject areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment and staffing management
  • Organizational goal development, execution, and evaluation
  • Performance management and appraisal systems
  • Career mapping and employee development
  • Compensation management
  • Organizational design and structuring
  • Succession management
  • Retention strategies

Our process also ensures alignment of recommended human capital strategies with your organization's overall mission and vision.

Execution – The degree of involvement by our team at the execution phase is tailored to your organization's existing capabilities and needs. In addition to providing consultation and guidance, our team is also ready to provide:

  • Training – Our Instructional Design and Delivery Team works hand in hand with our Human Capital Services Team to provide training/learning programs to support your human capital initiatives.
  • Communications – Clarity of message and brand is critical to the success of any human capital endeavor, and our team of skilled writers and designers stands ready to develop the necessary tools to support your initiative, both internally and, as needed, to external stakeholders.
  • Implementation Planning – Determining the steps, action officers, timelines, and measures of success are crucial to effectively making any changes or improvements in programs or processes. MarCom Group's human capital professionals can help you devise optimal, realistic implementation plans.
  • Event Planning and Execution – The MarCom Group Event Planning Team has the skills, experience, and connections to tackle meetings, conferences, and events of any size, from small team-building exercises all the way up to organization-wide gatherings.

Monitoring and Evaluation – All of our recommendations include a monitoring and evaluation component to maximize return on investment.

Instructional Design & Delivery

At MarCom Group, we understand that effective training programs enhance your staff's capability to perform.

Professional development for all levels of management and employees is essential to any organization's ability to carry out its goals and fulfill its mission requirements. MarCom Group provides the research, planning, instructional design, and classroom and virtual training experiences to assist our clients in achieving noteworthy results.

The ADDIE model enables us to implement comprehensive solutions to performance challenges by Analyzing, Designing, Developing, Implementing and Evaluating before, during, and after our delivery of training programs of both a technical and administrative nature. Our model is built around the impact triad of People – Process – Technology, understanding that any one of the three elements can be the point of entry.


Courseware Development – Our Instructional Design Team works with you to customize course content to meet your needs and specifications. We can design courses in modular fashion, providing you with maximum flexibility in determining content for varying audience levels, work-flow considerations, and time constraints. Our team takes the time to ensure that courses mirror your user guides, procedures, and policies. We are also able to take advantage of technology to ensure that course content and materials are easy to maintain/update and incorporate an online help tool.


Training Products and Materials – Our team provides the material you need to ensure that participants enjoy effective learning, but also to enable consistent instruction and delivery to multiple groups. Typically, we provide:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Instructor Guides (including scripts and demonstration media)
  • Participant Guides (including workbooks and exercise packets)
  • Tests and Evaluations
  • Orientation Guides
  • Tutorials


Comprehensive Delivery Methods – Our Instructional Delivery Team is skilled in providing training both in traditional instructor-led classroom modes and through non-traditional methods, taking advantage of today's technology. We can provide training to best suit your needs via:

  • Computer-based Training
  • Web-based Training
  • Distance Learning
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Modular Podcast Sessions

Train the Trainer – When your goal is to deliver training through use of in-house resources, we can work with you to train your staff to effectively conduct training sessions – whether in traditional classroom modes or a variety of non-traditional and virtual methods.

Evaluation – We recognize the importance of assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of training and development activities. As an integral part of our services, our team will recommend measurement and evaluation methods that would either utilize or expand upon the basic Kirkpatrick model.


Recruiter Training – Attracting prospects to your hiring event, website, or other application methodology is of little use without solid follow-up. Our training programs will prepare your recruitment staff for the challenges of identifying, interviewing, and selecting strong candidates. Any environment is a potential recruitment opportunity, so your team must always be ready. Especially important is the ability to successfully manage a recruitment event. Large or small, on a college campus or at a major convention center, your recruiters will be ready to engage prospects and sell them on the benefits of a career with your organization.


At MarCom Group, we understand the value of establishing trusted business relationships and extending our capabilities by working with partners offering special skills and expertise. As such, we have assembled a network of more than a dozen partner firms with specialties in areas such as video production, diversity and inclusion training, organizational and business process redesign, and surveys and testing. While some of our partners are large and offer broad capabilities and geographic coverage, we strive to utilize small and disadvantaged businesses as subcontractors whenever possible and practical.

Following are some of the partners with whom we have worked or are currently working.

Jennico Resources, Inc.


The principals of MarCom Group and Jennico Resources have had an ongoing working relationship since 1994 supporting commercial and Federal accounts.

A woman- and veteran-owned small business, Jennico Resources (Jennico) is a resource provider specializing in improving individual and organizational performance and managing intellectual capital. Originally incorporated in the state of Virginia in 1994, Jennico has locations in Centreville, VA and Orlando, FL.

Jennico’s professional staff includes human resource and organizational development specialists, instructional systems designers, instructors, developers, programmers, and quality assurance specialists, to name a few. In addition, the Jennico principals each have over 20 years of experience in human resource development as well as operational and financial project management with Fortune 500 companies.

Jennico’s capabilities are extended by over 30 companies and individual consultants available to meet the varied needs of our clients. Each consultant has more than 15 years of experience in either Fortune 500 companies or running their own business.


GSA MOBIS contract GS-10F-0005P
Small, Woman-Owned and Veteran-Owned
State of Florida SMBDE
State of Virginia pre-approved SWaM contractor
DUNS Number 13-552-1115


Christina Boffi, President and Owner, Jennico Resources


AchieveGlobal, Inc.


AchieveGlobal (AG) was created in 1997 by combining three of the world’s most reputable corporate training organizations: Zenger Miller, Learning International, and Kaset International.

Today, AG is the largest full service training/consulting firm in the world. Across industries and around the world, AG’s learning-based solutions focus on skills training and consulting in leadership, sales, and customer service. AG’s programs adapt to both the unique needs of organizations and to contrasting cultures. With more than 1,800 employees in 42 nations, AG has the capacity to create customized programs in more than 30 languages and dialects.

Organizations throughout the Government – civilian and military – turn to AchieveGlobal for employee training and development. Past engagements have involved the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Department of Health and Human Services, Internal Revenue Service, and Department of Homeland Security.

MarCom Group’s relationship with AchieveGlobal started with an Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) Customer-Centric Service training and human capital initiative supporting over 1,000 civilian employees.


GSA MOBIS contract GS-23F-8124H


Keather Snyder, Director, Federal Markets


Hemsley Fraser Group


MarCom Group has worked with Hemsley Fraser over the past two years to provide learning and development solutions to support GSA eBuy customers.

For more than 15 years, Hemsley Fraser (HF) has served organizations worldwide providing training solutions that drive ideas to action, optimize performance, foster breakthrough results, and strengthen competitive position. Their success in addressing a diverse array of client needs has enabled them to sustain an average annual growth rate of over 35%, far outpacing industry standards.

Hemsley Fraser provides solutions that are:

Global – Learning delivery in more than 50 countries, 14 languages

Relevant – 160 courses, 300+ modules, over 1,000 sessions annually

Reliable – 15+ years of results

Stable – 35% average growth

Expert – 160 full-time staff, more than 400 faculty

Effective – ISO 9001 accredited

HF’s tremendous growth over the past 16 years has led to the establishment of dual corporate headquarters in London, England and Woburn, MA, and additional U.S. offices in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA. Situated in the heart of Washington, DC, just a few blocks from the White House, HF’s Sumner Place Training Center provides a unique and convenient venue for a variety of client needs.


GSA MOBIS contract GS-10F-0129U


Rod Markham, Senior Account Director, Federal


Thinking Dimensions Global Management Consulting


Thinking Dimensions Global (TDG) provides proven decisionmaking methodologies to assist clients battling challenges related to growth, cost, and security. TDG’s proprietary KEPNERandFOURIE™ thinking technologies guide the development of effective corporate strategies, operational improvements, and ITRCA solutions. All TDG solutions recognize that decisionmaking is the foundation of performance.

TDG is led by Drs. Charles Kepner and Mat-thys Fourie who have over 60 years of combined thought leadership in process consulting. Today, TDG partners and associates in over 20 countries throughout the ASIA-PACIFIC, EMEA, and AMERICAS regions deliver expedited results on pressing business issues.

The principals of Thinking Dimensions and MarCom Group have worked together to support Federal clients for the past decade collaborating on both commercial and Federal engagements.


GSA MOBIS contract GS-10F-0419N


Bill Dunn, Principal


Tailwind Consulting, LLC


Tailwind Consulting, LLC (Tailwind) is focused on working with corporate leaders to align their organizations and engage their middle management and line staff to better understand and accomplish the goals of the corporation. Tailwind focuses on what happens between a strategy and its execution, to help leaders align their organizations and engage their people.

Tailwind’s solutions leverage breakthrough processes for aligning thinking and translating strategy at the individual level. This basic innovation opens up a range of possibilities for solutions that require connecting people to strategy. Tailwind helps organizations cascade their strategic intent in a way that builds understanding, commitment, and ownership at every level.


Ron Cox, President


Big Picture, Inc.


Big Picture, Inc. (BPI) produces training videos for many commercial clients, as well as videos for branding, sales, marketing, safety, compliance, educational, and promotional campaigns. The company’s services cover all phases of production, from developing the initial concept to campaign design and deployment. Production services include HD video production, motion graphic design, audio creation, nonlinear editing, encoding, and streaming capabilities.

MarCom Group has partnered with BPI on a variety of video production projects over the past 10 years, including recruitment videos created for the 2010 Census to attract the over two million temporary workers required to complete this decennial task, and a series of human capital development tools for the Air Force Civilian Service.

BPI’s portfolio spans a wide range of clients including the Department of Commerce, the U.S. Census Bureau, Verizon, Black & Decker, National Cable Communications, and DEWALT.


GSA Contract Numbers: GS-07F-0376U, GS-07-0377U
DUNS: 036496193


Jay Udavcak


Business Decisions, Inc.


Business Decisions, Inc. (BDI), has 25 years' experience implementing Talent Management and Performance Management Initiatives. BDI’s expertise in Organizational Psychology, Employee Development, Change Management, and HR Software Development results in a complete solution that provides the talent management and employee performance needed to achieve any organization’s mission.

BDI understands that talent management and performance management start with understanding your organization and configuring to meet your needs. BDI evaluates how individual and organizational competencies match organization strategy and goals. Once this evaluation is accomplished, BDI’s modular-based talent management system can deliver the results you expect utilizing tools such as:

  • Competency Library
  • Job Profiling
  • 360 Multi-rater Assessment
  • Career Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Planning and Review
  • Training Administration
  • Organization and Team Metrics
  • Strategic Analysis & Measurement


GSA MOBIS contract GS-10F-0014P


Jim Graber


Global Process Innovations

Business Process Management (BPM) is transforming business performance in organizations across the globe, adding billions of dollars to bottom lines. A comprehensive approach engages personnel in continuous improvement and empowers managers and employees with the knowledge they need to perform their responsibilities with excellence. With help from our team, you can grow BPM capability quickly from a series of low-cost pilot implementations.

Global Process Innovations (GPI) consultants are prepared to help organizations implement sustainable, strategic BPM. GPI will help you organize the following capability building blocks into a comprehensive framework that aligns with your culture, operating model, and business objectives:

  • BPM roles and competencies
  • BPM standards, methods, and training
  • BPM technologies
  • Stakeholder management and communications
  • Process governance
  • Process improvement
  • Process automation


Jim Boots


Lyons Public Relations


Lyons Public Relations (Lyons PR) is an award–winning broadcast public relations firm, specializing in radio. Dedicated to client service, Lyons PR creates an individual strategy for each client by choosing from among various radio media relations services, selecting only those that can provide a high rate of success for the given project.

Lyons PR believes that its reputation is on the line not only with each client, but with the thousands of radio stations to which it provides meaningful public service announcements, timely news stories, and informative guests. Lyons PR utilizes the latest technology to ensure state-of-the-art audio productions, as well as cutting-edge electronic tracking technology, to provide verified, accurate usage results.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, and the Department of Energy are among the Federal Government agencies that have entrusted their multi-faceted audio outreach campaigns to Lyons PR.


GSA Contract GS-07F-0068X


Dan Lyons


NetSpeed Learning Solutions™


NetSpeed Learning Solutions™ (NetSpeed) is headquartered in Seattle, WA. NetSpeed offers a range of customizable solutions – including solid learning content, easy-to-use platforms, superior services, and dedicated staff – to support your leadership training, supervisory training, and customer service training initiatives. NetSpeed is an expert in adult learning principles and blended learning techniques that maximize learning transfer and improve performance.

The company's flagship products are:

  • NetSpeed Leadership® – a leadership training and development program dedicated to meeting the learning needs of managers, supervisors, and individual contributors in small to mid-sized organizations
  • Blazing Service™ – a dynamic, interactive customer service training program designed to ignite great customer service
  • NetSpeed Fast Tracks™ – a secure, customizable, interactive Learning-on-Demand Web platform utilizing social media tools such as podcasting and blogs.

The company also provides customized learning solutions, including train-the-trainer facilitation, virtual learning training, instructional design, and consulting.

Federal clients who have relied on the services of NetSpeed include the Department of Health and Human Services, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, and Transportation Security Administration.


GSA MOBIS contract


Cynthia Clay


Prism International, Inc.


PRISM International, Inc. (PRISM) is a WBENC certified, full-service provider of innovative, proven consulting services and training programs and products for:

  • Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion
  • Increasing Global and Cross Cultural Effectiveness
  • Preventing Harassing and Discriminatory Behaviors

PRISM’s mission is to make significant differences in organizational performance by creating more inclusive workplaces that value the contributions of all team members.

PRISM’s organizational, strategic, and tactical focus, process, and expertise provide a total solution for connecting diversity and inclusion for results. PRISM serves Fortune 1000 and Global 500 organizations in 21 countries on six continents, providing innovative and proven diversity and inclusion strategies and tactics that connect to the organizational business plan; and result in greater revenue, profitability, brand awareness, and competitive advantage.

Federal clients that have benefitted from PRISM’s unique service offerings include the Central Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Labor, and NASA.


Bobby Gordon


The Torres Foundation for the Blind International, Inc.


The Torres Foundation for the Blind International, Inc. (Torres Foundation) is a multinational organization that seeks to enhance the quality of life for the blind by providing technology training and consulting services, career development services, reading services, education support, braille production services, and volunteer community support. Headquartered in downtown Washington, DC, the Foundation provides services nationally and internationally.

The Torres Foundation team of service providers and board of directors include experienced professionals, many of whom are disabled individuals. The Foundation is guided by the principle that access to opportunities makes success. When blind persons have been provided the proper tools, education, equal access, and a chance to prove themselves, only then will they truly have a fighting chance to become productive, successful members of society.


Ancil Torres


Trailblazer Technologies, LLC


TrailBlazer Technologies, LLC (Trailblazer) was established in 1990 to provide performance solutions to space, military, civilian, and commercial customers. Trailblazer follows a multi-disciplinary approach focusing on training needs analysis, business change management, human capital development, and performance support automation.

Led by owner/founder Lee Wooldridge, Trailblazer specializes in simulation systems, life cycle cost estimation systems, multivariate performance measurement, cockpit workload assessment, HR management automation, and automated training analysis and management systems.

Trailblazer’s services have been utilized by numerous Federal agencies, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Forest Service, as well as numerous commercial clients.


Lee Wooldridge

Recent Engagements

A Computerized System for More Timely Recruiting Communications

Lack of timely communication between employers and prospects is a major turn-off for applicants and a serious obstacle to effective recruitment. MarCom Group developed a computerized communications system to help recruiters overcome both hurdles. Read more

Helping the Air Force Personnel Center Develop a More Customer-Centric Culture

It takes commitment from top to bottom to develop a customer-friendly culture. MarCom Group showed the Air Force's broad-reaching human resources component how. Read more

The FAA Trains a Cadre of Part-Time Recruiters

The Federal Aviation Administration saves money by using part-time rather than full-time recruiters. MarCom Group Subject Matter Experts taught FAA recruiters the strategies and skills that produce the best results. Read more

The NRC Strengthens its Recruitment for Hard-to-Fill Positions

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission offers unique employment opportunities for highly qualified candidates, but the agency is not widely known. MarCom Group helped the NRC re-brand itself to attract more qualified recruits for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) positions. Read more

DCAA Updates the Face and Voice of Its Brand for Today's Audiences

Ten years ago the Defense Contract Audit Agency broke new ground with a distinctive careers website and matching collateral that set it apart from other Federal agencies. In 2012-13, MarCom Group took the Agency to the next level by putting a dramatic new face on the DCAA brand and giving forceful new voice to its recruitment message. Read more

Air Force Civilian Recruitment Gets a Comprehensive Makeover

Despite its vast size and scope – 180,000 employees in over 600 occupations – the civilian component of the Air Force was either unknown or misunderstood by most potential employees. MarCom Group helped the Air Force develop a new name, logo, and slogan for the effort; an innovative website; an automated system to track and communicate with applicants; a standout event display; and much more. Read more


We have very broad experience helping companies and organizations attract and hire the staff they need to thrive.  Key to our success is the quality of our creative messaging and strategic approach to reaching the most highly qualified potential employees

Understanding hiring needs and goals leads us to provide solutions in a number of ways:

Recruitment Advertising  This solution relies on traditional approaches like print ads and classifieds, but more often on newer solutions online.  The growth of large employment sites makes it easier than ever to cast the recruiting net across many geographic areas inexpensively and with good results.  Further, occupation-specific job boards and posting centers enable delivery of recruiting messages in a very targeted way.  And social media provides yet another avenue for reaching broadly or narrowly, depending on need or circumstance.

Website Development  In order to attract the recruits needed to keep the hiring pipeline full or to be seen and heard in a highly competitive arena, many organizations require a stand-alone and specialized website.  While not the solution for all, this is a direction we recommend and execute with many larger clients.

Alternatively, we also create recruitment portals on existing organizational websites that present potential recruits attractive and compelling reasons to consider the organization.  

High Touch / High Impact Creative  Hiring events are a proven method for reaching interested and highly qualified candidates.  We not only recommend appropriate hiring events for each client, we also offer full exhibit material development to maximize impact at every event.  Whether on a simple small scale or on a grand and ambitious scale, we provide high impact solutions.

We also devise creative ways to extend an organization's reach and impact through the development of original items potential recruits take away with them from an event.  From traditional promotional items to highly specialized web-enabled interactive DVDs, our solutions amplify impact.

Meetings & Event Management

MarCom Group first came into existence in 1996 as an event management company, and we continue to offer state-of-the-art services for planning and executing your meeting or event. From conferences to trade shows, we know what it takes to manage all the details for a successful gathering. We handle it all: conference marketing or invitations, exhibit sales, vendor relations, accommodations, catering, entertainment, sponsorships. If you need to bring a group of people together for a common purpose, we'll make it a memorable event.

Event Planning

Regular Events
Over the past 17 years, MarCom Group has provided comprehensive services in support of our clients' participation in various trade shows, conferences, and other events; and we have a strong history of assisting our clients in identifying and selecting events as well as planning and executing them. Our event support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Event registration
  • Coordination of exhibit space
  • Organizing and tracking delivery of exhibit materials
  • Securing on-site labor
  • Brand management
  • Shipment of event materials to and from the event site
  • Booth setup and breakdown
  • Exhibit maintenance during events
  • Post-event maintenance and repair
  • Audio and video recordings of the event
  • Post-event reporting, contact strategy, and ROI analysis

Client-Exclusive Live Hiring Events
While there are plenty of job fairs in the market, many times an employer's need is large enough or specific enough to merit an event of its own.  When that need arises, MarCom Group provides an integrated package of services that will plan, promote, and execute your event.  We will coordinate all pre-event planning including formulation of an event strategy, as well as orchestrating all the logistics of the physical event.  We will also manage the promotion of your event, ensuring a solid turnout of highly qualified candidates, and help to manage the event as it proceeds to ensure smooth sailing.  Finally, we will help with event follow-up, whether sending emails to attendees or providing reports and analysis of the event's success.

Virtual Hiring Events
MarCom Group provides full-service management of virtual hiring events for any Government, commercial, or private organization. First, we will work with your staff to obtain event requirements and needed information. Then, we will perform any needed branding and graphic design, event advertisement, event set-up, training of your hiring managers for the event, live event management, close-down, candidate follow-up opportunities, and reporting.

Exhibit Design & Development

Exhibit & Booth Design
Your exhibit booth has the potential to make or break your trade show or job fair presence. Whether you're competing with two or 200 other exhibitors, and if your available space is 1,000 square feet or just the top of a table, MarCom Group's event management and exhibit design specialists have unique insight into making your organization stand out in a lineup while still integrating seamlessly with the rest of your communications campaign. We can also train your show staff to get the most out of this valuable presence.

Branding & Identity

Nothing is more important to any enterprise than a well-defined brand. A brand is much more than a logo, so we recommend a thorough evaluation of your organization and what it represents, or wishes to represent, before developing a comprehensive brand identity. The brand should influence every aspect of your operation, from your mission and vision to the way your employees conduct business on a day-to-day basis. If you already have an established brand, we will integrate it into all new communications materials, ensuring a consistent communication of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for to all your audiences.


Good advertising, like good art, has an emotional impact. Great advertising, on the other hand, has a practical impact as well. It isn't enough to entertain or be noticed. The goal of advertising is to elicit a specific desired response, be it making a purchase, taking an action, or changing an opinion.

At MarCom Group, we believe that advertising is measured by results, not awards. Of course, we covet recognition from our peers as much as anyone, but we are in the business of creating results for our clients. Our expertise and past performance covers all media, from traditional print, broadcast, and out-of-home, to "new" media including web advertising, podcasts, blogs, and social networking.

Research & Strategic Planning

Market Research – Market research can answer many questions, but often the hardest part is figuring out which questions to ask.  MarCom Group's team of experienced researchers and strategists will help you create a research plan, develop the research tools, execute the plan, and evaluate the results.  Primary or secondary. Quantitative or qualitative.  Focus groups, mall intercepts, one-on-ones.  Online and phone surveys.  We've done it all, and we can recommend and execute the right methodology for your unique needs.

  • Primary research
  • Secondary sources
  • Online surveys
  • Executive interviews
  • Media usage studies
  • Competitor profiles
  • Labor force reports
  • Market trend analysis
  • Marketing plans
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Message testing
  • Website usability testing

Media Planning & Buying

A wise man once said that the greatest sin an advertisement can commit is to go unnoticed. While this is usually a statement associated with the creativity of an ad, it really doesn't matter how eye-catching and provocative an ad is if it appears in a media vehicle that doesn't reach the desired target audience.  Understanding the media consumption patterns of your target allows our team of planners and buyers to execute media campaigns that are timely and cost-effective, but also reach the audience at times and in environments which make them most receptive to your message.

  • Online
  • Social Networks
  • Mobile
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Transit
  • Billboards / Out of home

Web Development

Whether you need the sizzle of Flash, the convenience of e-commerce, or an updated website that integrates into the rest of your marketing campaign, MarCom Group can help you make your presence known electronically. We have designed and executed the Internet presence of numerous Federal agencies and commercial clients, from simple sites with less than a dozen pages, to far more complex digital environments with unique navigation methods, multiple interactive features, and extensive use of video. And of course, we always build in evaluation methods to ensure that your site is delivering against your objectives.

  • Interactive Strategy
  • Architecture / Taxonomy
  • Design Services
  • Videos & Animation
  • Programming
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Hosting
  • Content Management Systems
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Log Analysis & Reporting
  • Tracking & ROI Analysis
  • CD-ROM / DVD / Digicards
  • Electronic Newsletters
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile Devices
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Email Marketing
  • Jump / Landing Pages


Every communication challenge is unique...as are the solutions to those challenges. That's where creativity comes in.

We look at every challenge through a prism where the dual nature of things guide discovery and creativity. Where objectivity meets the subjective. Where all things rational encounter pure emotion. Where the explicit and implicit collide. Where innovation, imagination, and intuition meet research, analysis, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Results: breakthrough ideas that meet communications challenges and drive real world results. Ideas that will ripple anybody's pond. Learn more.

  • Campaign Development
  • Print Ads
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Spots
  • Online Ads
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Exhibit Materials